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60° Fagnes Hivernales 2020-02-15 Malmedy 

I doubted already 2 years if i would go or not. But the distance is big so it was twice a no. Bit this year i did went despite a storm. But on Saturday the weather was good dry and not too cold. The cars have to be prewar and have to be convertible. But still there were still 28 cars for the weekend. And some nice cars like the Fn's, Brasier  and some rare cars like the dfp and Calcott. The stop was the start of the rally not the nicest place for photo's but do like the bridge photo's. Than i searched a spot just before lunch. There was it cold on the field but did see a nice bird and that special Dodge Hellcat. If most cars were past that spot i went to the lunch stop and than searched a place after the lunch stop. But was a bit too late on that spot and so photo's are less beautiful than spot 1 underway. It was a far drive but also a fun day with some unexpected meetings. 

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