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Vintage meeting 2020-02-02 Bondues

Next meeting of the year is again the Vintage meeting in France. But than you look to the weather report and they predict lot's and lot's of rain. luckily the day before the weather report is a bit better ( one gave rain till one hour before the meeting the other site till the first hour of the meeting). Because of the weather i was a bit late but had not much rain. with the rain there was not that much cars. but every desadvantage has a advantage and that was there was some place for some little shoots like the Saab and Buick (thanks owners for the effort). And also at the end got some nice photo's of the lotus cars and the mg A.  After walking to my car to get something for a car owner i turned and saw that nice prewar MG :o . Luckily they needed some time to figure out what to do and so did had some photo's of it. 

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