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Fotoshoot Toyota Crown MS67 1972 

Another sunny weekend and another shoot. And this time a rare Toyota Crown MS 67 from 1972. Was an early start but that was actually good for shoot. The sun would have been too much in the afternoon. After a quick tour of the collection he has, we went to the first place a old building that is now a cafe. And due to corona there were some tables and chairs in the way. We tried to mask them but didn't work completely. Than he had found a place with a chimney what was a good spot. After that we went to Finlandia (a good know place as ice rink which now is closed). Than a very nice Farm. Oh and there was a very beautiful cat. After the shoot i stopt at a spot to check out and almost could take photos because such a beautiful and lovely cat came to me. Couldn't resist to pet here. And than peacock and on more cat to finish the day. And some car spot from that day too. 

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